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Buy your dream home in Mallorca without the frustration, time wasting and emotional roller-coaster with our expert help.

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  • Collaboration agreements with over 80 real estate agencies islandwide
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  • Specialising in properties over 1 million euro

Create great memories with your family & friends!

We get you. 

You want to enjoy more quality time with your family and friends but you’re frustrated, wasting valuable time, and struggling with the emotional roller-coaster of finding your dream home in Mallorca. 

You need one trusted point of contact with access to 1,000s of properties for sale to pre-select suitable properties to view based on your exact criteria.

You get access to impartial expert advice, tried and test recommendations & fully coordinated viewing trips with a personalised itinerary as an exclusive client of the hc/ Mallorca Living Centre at zero cost to you. 

Create a life you love.

How it works


Stage 1 Research & Planning

Clarify where and what type of home suits you

Stage 2Search & Negotiation

Buy your dream home in Mallorca 

Stage 3 Decorate & Settle

Construct, reform, furnish and move in

Stage 4Connect & Grow

Settling into your new life in Mallorca.

The hc/ Mallorca Living Centre is the first place in Mallorca to offer the whole relocation package. It starts even before you land here and continues right through until you’re fully settled into your new Mediterranean lifestyle.

The team at the hc/ Mallorca Living Centre provide specific research and recommendations based on your individual criteria. A personalised plan is prepared which includes narrowing down the most attractive areas to suit your needs, a curated selection of suitable properties for sale and any other specific recommendations that you require. This provides you with an effective shortcut to finding the right home with the minimal effort. You’ll only talk to the boutique real estate agencies that Helen has approved, guaranteeing professionalism and above all, local island insight.

Helen Says

We hold our client’s hand through the buying process to make sure they have access to the best possible advice, pay the right price for a property and avoid the typical headaches that so many newcomers experience when they don’t surround themselves with the right advisors. One trusted point of contact will give you the peace of mind needed to realise your dream of enjoying more quality time with your family & friends.

Client Stories

Inspiring real life stories from those who Helen helped to relocate to Mallorca.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with you and really valued all the insights and advice you gave me. You have such a strong sense of purpose and good ethics and values and this comes across so clearly in your magazine and website. I already feel very at home here and am so happy I bought a one-way ticket to Mallorca.”
Arlene McCarthy OBE, Newcomer to Mallorca

“I made the move from England to live in Mallorca last year. To prepare for my new life, I read widely about the island. Your guides were a godsend, beautifully presented, full of carefully considered judgements. I have sampled a number of your recommendations… [they are] sensitive and emotionally intelligent. Thank you again for helping me to transition to life here.”
David Gore, Newcomer to Mallorca

“Thank you so much for all the inspiring information, up-dates and business ideas. The helpful guides to whatever. There’s always something to pick up and learn. Especially great thanks for having such a private look at your outstanding, extraordinary and wonderful home. Everything is just perfect. We appreciate your business letters, the business lunches and all other activities you are offering to us.”
Barbara Dubacher & Peter Krag 

“Thanks for creating a wonderful, informative website. We’re planning on moving to Mallorca in 2022 and doing our research now. Your website has been very helpful in so many ways.”
Wendy K, Newcomer to Mallorca

WHY hc/?


Over 20 years ago, Helen was in the same position as you, leaving the leafy hills of Ireland for the turquoise waves of Mallorca. She has undertaken this journey herself and knows how difficult it can be figuring out the best source of reliable information: from buying a property, getting the right tax and legal advice to establishing a new lifestyle and creating a circle of friends. It takes time, but it also takes the right guidance and know-how.

A proven track record

Since 1999, Helen has called Mallorca home. She lives in Son Vida on the outskirts of Palma with her husband and daughter and runs a successful business – abcMallorca Digital Media – which has allowed her to build a strong local business network.    

Helen Says

I saw a big gap in the market – the dream of creating a new life in Mallorca goes way beyond finding a suitable property, there are so many things to consider – schools, medical care, tax implications, financial requirements, planning laws, starting a business and building an interesting social circle are just some of the concerns felt by newcomers. So I decided to establish a website – to provide all the information you need to live in Mallorca. The website is the virtual hub and we have now established the physical space where newcomers can get personal advice, recommendations and guidance about how best to relocate to Mallorca.

Now is the perfect moment to take the first step to creating your dream life on Mallorca

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