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Exclusive Representative Agreement

Dear  ,

We are delighted to confirm the exclusive appointment of Helen Cummins and her team of property specialists at hc/ Mallorca Living to represent our interest to buy our dream home in Mallorca over the next 12 months.

We wish to buy a property with the following criteria:

Type of property:         

The area/s we are most interested in are:  

Our property budget is:  

We understand that the team at hc/ Mallorca Living collaborate with a network of real estate agents to find the right property for us.

The services provided by the hc/ Mallorca Living include:

  • Contacting their network of specialist real estate agents and selecting suitable properties for our consideration.
  • Pre-selecting properties for us to view.
  • Carrying out virtual pre-viewings when requested.
  • Coordinating and planning our property viewing trip to Mallorca.
  • Accompany us on property viewings.
  • The representative from hc/ Mallorca Living is our one point of contact for everything we need to find and buy a property in Mallorca.
  • We can take full advantage of the extensive network of contacts of hc/ Mallorca Living including – construction companies, interior designers, furniture stores, legal and tax advisors, property maintenance etc.

We understand that the service fee payable to hc/ Mallorca Living for finding a suitable property for us to buy in Mallorca is paid for by the collaborating real estate agent selling us the property in Mallorca.  

Personal and data protection: The client gives consent to collect, maintain, use and disclose the personal information for this agreement and for all uses consistent with the client buying, or potentially buying (or renting), property.

SIGNED AND DELIVERED on May 28, 2024 in .

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Signed by Helen Cummins
Signed On: May 21, 2024

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